Monday, December 24, 2007

It is the night before we leave for NYC and I have been rushing around celebrating Christmas with the family and then home to get loose ends wrapped up. I am formatting my images for the pins I am offering to my Lylou Customers for the custom bags. A few months ago I decided to allow women to create their own Lylou bag and one of the elements is a brooch of their choice. It is just a little something to make the Lylou experience a little more entertaining and creative. The shoe above is one of 20 of the brooches.

I will be in NYC until the 31st, so have a GREAT HOLIDAY!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grandma Larson, my mother, is in her first publication (not the above photo). One of her painted trunks is in this months wedding addition of Athena magazine. I am so proud of her! Her next one comes out in January Athens Magazine Active Seniors Section. Oh, I should toss in that we are both on the 'society page' in the Athena, which cracks me UP...little ole Larson girls on the society page? Crazy!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Packing early is harder then I thought, but this year I get to take along 2 hand painted bags that my mother did for me! I tried to pick just one, but they were so cute I decided I have to take both. I don't leave until the 25th, but mom gets out of the hospital and I will be staying with her until I leave.

On a personal note: I have been going through a roller coaster of emotions since I was fired. I am happy I don't ever have to return to that terrible office with those terrible women, but I am excited and even more so scared to open a boutique on very little money. I have been broke before and I don't want to return, but at the same time I feel confident that this is a step in the right direction to getting my handbag and design business off the floor.

I am trying to breath....-grin.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I found out today on Kristin's blog that my BFF's birthday (December 13th) is the same day as St. Lucia Day in Sweden! I always knew she was special. Happy Belated Birthday my special lady. We will have to find some glogg when I hit NYC and celebrate your special day...SWED STYLE!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brian vs. Darth

The crazy thing about being unemployed is that I am busier now then I have been in the last 7 years. I have been helping mom get ready for her day in surgery (tomorrow morning), helping a friend organize her living space, interviewing (or at least making the appointment for interviews), sewing, packing, creating Shrinky Dink images for my new brooches for Lylou Design AND relaxing with the dogs. There isn't enough time in the day.

I am sorry for you that have been calling and emailing me without replies...I promise that I will get back to you in the next week...after mom has recovered.

Monday, December 17, 2007

ceramic painting by Ruth Allen

Saturday was the Big City Bread Holiday Market and like every year it was the worst weather in months.... rainy and cold forcing everyone to vacate after only 4 hours...luckily for me and my mother we were able to make a few hundred dollars before closing shop (unlike last year where I didn't sell even ONE item). This being a good money day was the least of my joys that came from last Saturday. I had been looking forward to the sale for one very important reason and that was I was finally going to see Ruth Allen, a wonderful friend and person, and share with her my news of my unemployment. Ruth is one of the most enlightened people I have come across and she always has this uncanning ability to put you at ease within a few simple words. When I told her I was fired the first words out of her mouth were "THANK GOD!" I went on to ask her if she could put out some positive energy to help me find my way and she told me "It is already taken care of, you don't have to worry about a thing. This is the best thing to happen to you." That was all I need to hear and I needed to hear it from her (for some reason). Since that conversation I haven't been worried one bit, but rather began the journey of figuring out what new path I am going to take in life. I am now ready to take my next step forward with my handbags! Time to get moving.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

updated invite

Sorry I have been out this past week, but I needed to do some thinking and 'homework,' as I always call it (when one needs to work on ones passions and desires). I had the chance to sit back and think about things, not sure that it has done any good as of yet, but I can see in the long run it will work to my advantage. It is always funny to me that when in the dire straights one can find the strength to pull through and see the light at the end of the tunnel....the reason they will 'win' in life.

I have a number of opportunities that are open to me (that I have known about for the past month) and they only thing that is stopping me has been money and time, but what is that? Really nothing, when it come to ‘drive.’ I have decided that I can do anything I put my mind to and why let a little thing like money stop me…. worst case scenario it doesn’t work. I will update you as I work through these options (I have to keep you wanting more…Teehee)

The best news is that I am on my way back…(at least that is good news to me).
The above is a rough draft of an invite I am in the process of building for my very 1st home show. YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE! I am no graphic designer, but I can do a little photoshopping…any ideas are welcome.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The same day that I recieved my new beautiful necklace from Tilly I was fired from my job at Clarke County School District for 'personal usage of the internet.' Ever since my boss was promoted I knew this was coming, I just thought they would be cool enough to wait until after the first of the year. People can be so hateful that it surprises me at time...they couldn't find anyother reason to fire me, but personal usage of the internet? COME ON! And life goes on....

I am out of sorts at this time....poop.

Monday, December 10, 2007

scarf made by Sarah Dunning

It was finally cold enough on Friday for me to wear my new scarf, but come Saturday it was back up in the 70's and uncomfortably warm. I spent my Saturday with 7 other designers at a trunk show. It was great meeting strong indie business women, but unfortunately the woman hosting the party didn't do any promotions so we ended up spending $75 sitting around talking with one another. Luckily for me, I was able to break even, but most of the designers didn't sell a single item. It was TERRIBLE! I realized during that how much I have my act together and how lucky the designers are that come to my home every year for no fee and sell their butts off are....

Friday, December 7, 2007

Pillow for your thoughts!

pillow by Karen

On my second trip out of my studio into the Bazaar I had my eye on this wonderful pillow by Karen. Since then I realized that ONE JUST WON’T DO! I need TWO! So, I hope to get another one in orange as soon as things slow down from the holidays.

I also, found myself carrying away 4 of Will's coasters. I had been eyeballing them for months and finally had the chance to grab a few. I have a weakness for naked clothing and his paintings are spectacular. I love the colors, texture, and composition...all of it. Since I can't really budget in a painting, I went for the next best thing, reproductions in functional coasters. Make sure to sign up fon his emailing list, so you can get his "Painting of the Week. It is fun to watch the process.

Naked Clothing -by Will

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bibbi's Garland

The first time I ever viewed Bibbi’s blog, she featured one of her amazing garland and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Since then I have been enchanted and amazes with every piece that Bibbi has featured of her work. If you have not yet taken a look at the beauty that comes from the hands of the wonderful and creative woman, you have to check out her blog immediately. You will be wooed from the moment it appears on your screen.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sell One, Buy One

Immaculate Conception- Jasey Jones

My open house was so much fun! I would sell a bag and then roam around the house finding my next treasure. This huge flat bottomed bowl from Jasey was my first prize. If you look closely you will realize that you are looking from the inside out of the IC and all of the sperm have halos. The theme is fun, but could be offensive to some (not me), the image is wonderful, the amount of work that went into it is impressive....and it is ALL MINE! I have it proudly displayed on the coffee table in my front room.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thinking through things.....

Mom, Brandon and Dad

Do any of you have those people in your life that are so hard to shop for that every year you look and look until your eyes are red and your brain hurts? Well, these two men are mine. One (my father) buys everything he wants and leaves nothing for us to gift him, so I will most likely buy a gift card AGAIN! The other is so cool that the world is filled with gifts I want to buy him and settling on one is so hard that I will most likely take so long deciding that again...I will get him a music gift card. Any suggestions? I was leaning towards handmade soap, a scarf or music, but ........OOOOO, how about the SIGUR RÓS ! URICA!

This year all of my holiday shopping is happening online and I have decided to purchase only handmade gift (except for Brian...he wants a meat attachment for his blender). I found this perfect bowl for Brandon (no, none of these people check my blog) through Coe & Waito. Aria, his girlfriend, will get treated with fish necklace from Paraphernalia's shop. My sister, being a little bit on the more conservative side, will be gifted with these amazing chestnuts by Ellerue. I give, I had to purchase a little something for myself, since I am going through a huge bird phase, Little Bird had the prefect 'Me Gift'. Let's just hope it looks as good on me as it does that display form.