Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter and Wine Holiday Market

The past couple of months I have been trying to put together a Winter and Wine Holiday Market. Since this is the first year for my NC Holiday Market I started small, with hopes that next year it will be as big as my GA Holiday Market. One challenge was being new to the area and not yet networked, but I managed to pull together a few (11) artist and 5 vineyards. I think it will be a great market at Round Peak Vineyards and I am already looking for next year’s venue. I was able to start a blog...a little late in the game, but it is ready for next year (and possibly a spring market).

I am doing my first vineyard pruning this weekend. We are meeting up at 8am, rain or shine. It is suppose to be snowing by then. I think I am the only one that isn't worried about it. I guess all the winters on my bike in Denver have hardened me up to snow.

Finals are right around the corner and I am nervous. It is strange being a good student, you worry about grades. Who knew I had it in me? That being said, I will be spending the next 2 weeks studying for all of my comprehensive finals. I am also a little nervous about the 21 credit hours I have registered for next semester. WHEW…that and two jobs (hopefully three).

Yesterday I met Sean from McRitchie Vineyards. It was such a great experience. He is one of the most well-known winemakers in NC. He is definitely on my list of winemakers I want to work with, or should I say volunteer to work with. My list seems to grow every month.

I have been taking care of myself. Even though I can’t run, or even walk (doctor still hasn’t released me) I have been able to do yoga and pilates. I almost snuck out for a run yesterday, but was able to hold myself back. The fear of damaging my legs more and the possible of never being able to run was stronger than my desire to run. I just keep telling myself, “all in good time.” Speaking of yoga…off to the gym.